L’idea di una “Organizzazione Mondiale del Terzo Settore – OMTS” è concepita da Vittorio Manzo nell’ottobre 2008, in occasione dell’iniziativa lanciata da Google Inc. “Project 10 to the 100 – May those who help the most win”, il cui scopo era raccogliere e finanziare idee dal più alto impatto benefico possibile.
L’idea proposta era ed è, ancora oggi, quella di creare un’istituzione che sostenga con ottica globale le entità e le iniziative del Terzo Settore:
– promuovendo opportune decisioni politiche in ogni paese;
– facendo leva sulle nuove tecnologie, in particolare su un’innovativa piattaforma web based, per moltiplicare l’impatto delle singole iniziative e il sostegno da esse ricevute.

È per perseguire questi scopi che è nato il Progetto OMTS. Invitiamo chiunque sia interessato a contribuire al progetto, ad es. partecipando allo sviluppo della piattaforma software, o a ricevere informazioni, a scriverci a info@omts.org.


The “Third Sector” (e.g. Non Profit, Charity, Volunteering organizations) is nowadays the real ground of hope in a better future, since its goal is, in a number of ways, the good of mankind, while, crudely put, public sector (“first sector”) main goal is political power and private sector (“second sector”) goal is profit.

“Progetto OMTS” (WTSO Project) is an idea conceived in Italy in 2008 by Vittorio Manzo for the “Project 10 to the 100 – May those who help the most win” of Google Inc.

Through various initiatives and, in particular, promoting the creation of the OMTS – Organizzazione Mondiale del Terzo Settore / WTSO – World Third Sector Organization, hopefully in the next future, and the development and spread of an innovative web-based software platform, it aims to:
– simplify management of Third Sector initiatives,
– increase human and financial resources,
– allow cutting of fund-raising and administrative costs,
– facilitate coordination among organizations to promote global changes.

Unity is strength, so the hope is that OMTS/WTSO one day will help and unite men and women of every country, reinforcing their actions for a better world.
Making much easier than today for people to organize initiatives and to support them, hopefully many new people will discover the importance and beauty of helping our neighbour, of doing the just thing.

If something good become easier to be done, more people will do it, bigger results will be reached.

The new platform will make it easier to organize efficient Third Sector initiatives, to be informed about them, to evaluate these initiatives and to contribute to their success.
Today many potential givers and volunteers are not reached by adequate communications, especially on local initiatives, and find it difficult to contribute. Moreover, a lot of time and money (sometimes more than 50% of total funds!) are wasted in fund-raising and administrative activities.

More importantly, many of the saddest problems of mankind (starvation, wars, oppressed human rights, destruction of environment,..), to which Third Sector organizations try hard to bring relief at local levels, can only find adequate solutions at global level.
It is of the utmost importance that all Third Sector organizations find a way, and OMTS could offer this way, to lobby policy makers with a transparent, single and authoritative voice.

Hundreds of millions of people in the world are directly or indirectly helped by Third Sector organizations. Thanks to OMTS, they will receive more help since more volunteers will be involved, more funds will be raised and less money will be wasted.

Moreover, the best initiatives will receive extra-funds when winning the OMTS prizes, thus creating a virtuous circle. In fact every year, based on democratic vote, part of fund money will be given to winners of contexts (e.g. the “OMTS Prize for the Environment”) among all initiatives, based on criteria of efficiency and effectiveness of their actions.

The goal is to provide such a good platform that OMTS will be able to become one day a global aggregative entity for thousands of goodwill organizations and people. Once they are together in an institution and on a digitlal platform where communication and coordination is easy, very important results, also in terms of promoting new local and global policies and changes, will become really reachable.